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Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini

Founder and Partner of Bellavite Pellegrini & Associati

Full Professor of Corporate Finance at the Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences at the Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth in Milan, where he teaches Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. He earned a degree in Economics from the same university in 1991 and a PhD in Economic Sciences from Bocconi University in Milan in 1996. He has been a Chartered Accountant since 1995 and an Auditor since 1999.

He has over 20 years' experience in several segments of Corporate Finance: from business appraisals to business plan construction, capital budgeting assessments, corporate governance issues, delegated monitoring and fiduciary management for large securities assets. He has been conducting expert appraisals for industrial companies (in chemicals, publishing, aeronautical, real estate and food), as well as advising on the pricing of real and financial assets for institutional clients. Technical consultant for both the civil and criminal sections of the Court of Milan and for the Arbitration Chamber.

He holds a long experience as member of many Boards of Directors and Boards of Statutory Auditors of banks and industrial companies belonging to listed and unlisted financial and industrial groups, non-profit entities and public bodies.

Alessandro Bellavite Pellegrini


He obtained a degree in Economics and Commerce from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. He is member of the Register of Chartered Accountants of Milan and the Register of Auditors.

Senior partner at the firm where he mainly provides civil, tax and administrative advice. He has an extensive experience in contractual matters.

He is specialised in the protection and management of private family real estate assets and all operations related to their protection and development.

He holds positions on Boards of Statutory Auditors of companies operating in the chemical, construction, food, commercial and service sectors and in financial companies, as well as in foundations and non-profit organisations.

Carlo Emanuele Penegini


Enrolled in the Register of Chartered Accountants of Milan and the Register of Auditors, he is a partner at BP&A where he provides civil and tax advice.

This mainly comprises real estate activities, transactions related to incorporation, company liquidation and allocation of assets to shareholders, real estate revaluation, company transformations.


Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini

Professional Association


A brief background

The professional association Bellavite Pellegrini & Associati was founded by Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini in 2014 as a continuation of his family's professional activity dating back to the early 1930s.

The association focuses its activities in the following areas: fiduciary management and family office activities, financial advice, corporate finance and corporate governance.

Accounting, civil law, national and international tax advice, advice on extraordinary transactions. It operates with an integrated multidisciplinary structure through different teams with specific professional skills, devoting great attention to the client's concrete requirements and ensuring specifically customised services and solutions.

The professionals of the Bellavite Pellegrini & Associati law firm are consultants to Italian industrial groups, real estate companies, financial groups, institutions, religious congregations and orders, and third-sector entities. They hold directorships and/or control positions in listed and unlisted industrial and financial groups.


Multidisciplinary Advisory boutique